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  1. Facebook Will Stream ‘CS:GO’ Pro League Esports Events Previously

    29 January 2018 - 05:47 AM

    Buy Gloves CSGO Skins- Two of ESL’s biggest esports competitions — CS:GO Pro League and ESL One — will be broadcast exclusively on Facebook. Both of the series were formerly streamed on YouTube exclusively.
    The World Esports Association (WESA) and ESL will launch Facebook live-streaming of CS:GO Pro League, one of the top “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” competitions, starting with the upcoming season seven on Feb. 13, 2018. That will run for four seasons of Pro League through December 2019.
    ESL also will broadcast its flagship ESL One circuit on Facebook, featuring “Dota 2” and “CS:GO.” The first event in 2018 will be ESL One Genting 2018 in Malaysia taking place Jan. 23-28, 2018, featuring 16 “Dota 2” top teams. The ESL One broadcasts will be at
    The announcements come after ESL announced in May 2017 plans to bring 5,000 hours of esports content to Facebook. Over that time, ESL has grown its reach on Facebook from 700,000 users to more than 25 million people monthly — generating over 2.5 billion impressions and reaching over 300 million users globally.
    “Building on our successful partnership, we believe Facebook is the perfect platform to bring both Pro League and ESL One competitions to new and existing audiences,” said Nik Adams, ESL’s SVP of global media rights and distribution.
    The competitions will be streamed via Facebook Live in English and Portuguese, with other languages available as well. All live broadcasts from CS:GO Pro League and ESL One will be available in 1080p/60fps HD video on Facebook. Both Pro League and ESL One will also be streamed in virtual reality on Facebook, initially available through the Facebook 360 app for Samsung Gear VR.
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  2. Buy SMG CSGO Skins- The History of Skins in CS:GO

    29 January 2018 - 05:42 AM

    Buy SMG CSGO Skins- From the moment the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta test has been launched, it became clear that there will be a new feature in the game: skins that are available for weapon and clothes. These skins change character’s appearance, although his characteristics remain the same. So the cosmetic changes do not affect the gameplay balance. In 2012, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive release the the first cases with skins of weapon and keys to them have appeared. Key cost, at that time, was about $2.50. The skin, as well as now, dropped out randomly from the list of skins which have been assigned to a certain case. Since then, the era of exchange of game items has begun.
    The Development of Skins-Related Services
    As trading services have not been developed and there is no ability to sell skins via the Steam, skins had no estimated cost in a money equivalent. They were estimated by keys to cases. For example, the skin of AK-47 could be changed for 4 keys, and it is $10. There were skins that costed one key only. Everything depended on popularity and a rarity of a skin among CS:GO community.
    With the development of Steam Community Market in 2013 the situation has totally changed and the era of trade in CS:GO skin market has began. The cost of items was already determined by players. There was a live competition and the active market of skins of CS:GO.
    Fan Community Art Engaged
    In 2013 Steam starts a unique project “CS:GO Workshop: Create the skin”. The application developed by Steam allows players and everyone to independently create weapon skins for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In those days, there was not enough competition. In a month, two-three models of a skin from the same user could have been passed for a fair pay. The creator received from 1% to 1.5% of reward for each sold copy of a skin via the Steam trading tool, or from each bought case on Steam where this skin was traded.
    The competition on creation of skins continued to grow. At the moment, daily hundreds of thousands of skins are created in CS:GO Workshop. Certainly, all the units undergo strict selection and get to Steam Community Market and to CS:GO cases. Now, it is possible to instantly sell skins for real money on private trading services and the websites. At the moment, there are hundreds of similar services available around the Internet.
    However, there are also swindlers that earn on naive players; such kind of things always happens in any kind of industry. So if you do not want to lose your money or skins for nothing, it is better to use reputable services.
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  3. buy KNIFE Skins for csgo-Faceit unveils the ECS Challenger Cup for CS:GO

    29 January 2018 - 05:38 AM

    buy KNIFE Skins for csgo -As you might know, Faceit runs a CS:GO competition called the Esports Championship Series (ECS), which will soon be hosting its fifth season, and now the company has announced that the qualification format for this season will change a little bit, as the ECS Development League - a league that allowed teams to earn a place in the ECS in the past - is being scrapped in favour of what's called the ECS Challenger Cup.
    This new Cup will feature a more condensed schedule than was previously available, which means teams can qualify for the ECS in less time, in a system that Faceit says will allow more teams to take part. Any team can compete in the Challenger Cup, providing they qualify in the upcoming ECS Open Qualifiers starting on January 27.
    Basically, both Europe and North America will have their own qualifiers, and these will be whittled down to the top two in each, who will then compete in the fifth season of ECS, the only difference being that EU has regional qualifiers, such as CIS/Russia, North EU, and open qualifiers.
    For more on the Challenger Cup, check out the official announcement. Do you like this new Cup that's replacing the Development League?
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  4. CSGO RIFLE Skins- Watch Cloud9 in the Finals of the CS:GO ELeague Major

    29 January 2018 - 04:24 AM

    CSGO RIFLE Skins - The ELeague Major: Boston culminates in a historic final today between FaZe Clan and Cloud9. For just the second time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s tournament history, a North American team, Cloud9, will compete in the final of a major tournament, and for the first time it will happen on American soil.
    The ELeague Major: Boston Finals will be a best of three and starts at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday, Jan. 28. The match will be broadcast live from the Agganis Arena in Boston anWhether you’re rooting for the hometown heroes or not, this Finals will be a momentous occasion in professional Counter-Strike. For years, North America has been seen as nothing more than an also-ran region. But its teams have slowly climbed their way into respectability and the top of the CS:GO rankings. Now one of the region’s best, Cloud9, will have the chance to claim a major title with the home fans behind them.
    Cloud9 enters this final with a roster in the midst of a renaissance. Every member of the team is playing the best Counter-Strike of their careers, and it showed through in spades when the team faced SK Gaming in the semifinals. Unanimously considered the best team in the world right now, SK Gaming was utterly demolished by Cloud9, proving that after months of struggle it has finally earned a spot as one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world.
    The next step for Cloud9 will be no easy feat when faced with a team like FaZe Clan in the finals. FaZe has looked nearly unstoppable so far at the ELeague Major and is no stranger to beating Cloud9. In fact, this FaZe Clan lineup has eliminated Cloud9 from three different tournaments in the last six months alone. But with a major championship on the line and Cloud9 playing as well as ever, the series is likely to be the closest and most important the two teams have ever played.
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  5. MapleStory x Re:Zero Collab Event Begins

    24 January 2018 - 05:58 AM

    mmobeys maplestory 2 mesos -Emilia of Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World has found herself in MapleStory! She's completely new to her surroundings, so players can help her learn about this other world through a series of daily quests as a part of a collaborative event between Nexon America’s popular MMORPG and Re:Zero.
    The event is for all players level 33 and above, and the daily quests will have you hunt monsters between 10 levels below your own and 20 above, collect certain items, and fight monsters within a time limit.
    You’ll also answer question as a part of each quest, and if you’re wrong, you’ll die and have to start from day one again! This will give you the Back to Zero buff which boosts your weapon and magic attack, as well as your critical rate.

    The event is absolutely packed with rewards for players to earn. After completing each quest, you’ll be rewarded with Re:Zero gift boxes, experience, and mesos, and there are five different Re:Zero boxes you can receive: Emilia’s, Betty’s, Roswaal’s, Ram’s, and Rem’s.

    You’ll also be rewarded for your attendance on each day’s quest the first time you complete them for days one through five! Once you complete all five, you can start over again from day one, and each time you complete this, you’ll receive a gift box.

    That’s not all, either. You can earn four different titles through hidden achievements, and there’s a world called Reboot for you to make a new character in! There are even rewards determined by what level you get that character to.

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