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  1. 5 Tips to Help Ease Baby’s Separation Anxiety

    18 March 2018 - 02:24 AM

    5 Tips to Help Ease Baby’s Separation Anxiety

    AdvertisementNow that Macks is 6 months old, I recently started going back to the gym. He’s old enough for me to drop him off at childcare provided by my gym, and it’s a chance for me to get an hour to myself. I was so excited to finally get back to my normal gym routine and thought it would be great for Macks to have time with someone other than me. The first day that I brought him into the childcare room,baby stores online, I dropped him off as he played with the toys. I went into the cardio room and began my workout routine that I had missed for the past six months. Just fifteen minutes into my routine, a lady from the childcare room walks up to me to tell me that Macks is crying and they can’t get him to stop. The second that I walk back into the room and he locks eyes with me, he immediately stopped. I took him out for a little while to nurse him and try to cheer him up before dropping him back off. He seemed happy and ready to go once I was done nursing him, but the second that I walked into the room to leave him to go work out, he immediately started crying again.This scenario has happened nearly every single time since I’ve started going back to the gym. I didn’t think it could start as early as it has, but his separation anxiety has definitely settled in. I forgot how hard it was to see their faces turn from a smile to a frown so quickly as I walk away.Although I know that this is a completely normal phase, there are certain things I try to do to help ease some of the stress when I leave. Here’s what’s working so far to help eliminate the separation anxiety.Start slow. I’ve started leaving him with family members and friends that he is familiar with for short periods of time so that he isn’t with me all the time. It helps get him used to being around others so that he realizes it’s fun to be with someone other than me.Find a comfort item. Macks has a toy that he loves to play with. I’ve tried to bring it with us while going to the gym and leaving it with him so that it provides him some sort of comfort from home.Play practice games. This might sound silly, but it worked with my youngest daughter, and I’ve started playing it with Macks. Peek-a-boo is a great separation game, because you are gone for a minute and then return. Macks loves to play it now and laughs hysterically when I return.Try to leave when they are happy. I always make sure that Macks is well-rested and has a full belly of milk when I leave him That way, I know that he shouldn’t be upset about anything else.Always say goodbye. Even when he’s upset that I’m leaving, I always make it a point to say goodbye. This has been my rule since my oldest was dealing with separation anxiety. Now both of my girls,baby care, 4 and 2,baby toys, have no problem with me leaving them and are actually excited to get some alone time to play.
  2. 8 Soak-Proof Bibs to Get You Through the Day

    18 March 2018 - 01:34 AM

    8 Soak-Proof Bibs to Get You Through the Day

    Macks has been a big drooler since he was two months old. I wasn’t prepared for how much drool he would leave on all of his clothes because neither of my girls were ever big droolers. Macks gets most of his clothes soaking wet just 30 minutes after I put them on because of all of the drool that he produces. I always have an extra set of clothes on hand for those “just in case” moments, but I’ve quickly realized that that’s not enough. I also need several bibs to get me through my day.To accompany Macks’ stylish wardrobe,baby stores online, Disney Baby has so many cute bibs that will look great with his outfit and keep it from getting soaked! Check out some of my favorite Disney Baby bibs.Disney Cuddly Reversible Cap and Bib SetI love the simplicity of this bib because it will go with nearly everything in Macks’ closet. An added bonus is the adorable Mickey Mouse cap to keep his head warm. Available at AmazonWinnie the Pooh Bib SetWinnie the Pooh is such a lovable character. After getting used to so much pink for the past five years, I am so happy to buy Macks anything blue! Love the stripes on this bib. Available at Disney StoreMickey Mouse Bib and HatCould this get any cuter? Don’t think you have to wait until Halloween to dress up your little one. This is possibly the cutest drool catcher ever made! Available at AmazonDisney Cuddly Princess BibsWith two little girls in the house that love Disney Princesses,baby shoes, I fell in love with these bibs. They are perfectly pink and adorable! Available at KmartLady Bib SetLady and the Tramp is one of my favorite moves. This bib is adorned with ruffles and comes in a two pack with another one that says “little lady.” I would have loved to put this on my girls, droolers or not! Available at Disney StoreMickey Mouse Bib Set I call Macks my little heart breaker. This bib would be perfect for him! Available at Disney StoreMickey Mouse Feeder Terry BibsMickey fans will look adorable in these bibs. Mickey Mouse has such a fun and friendly face that your baby will love wearing it! Available at Babies "R" UsThe Aristocats Marie Bib SetA fun and playful bib set. I love the bib that features Marie in different places around Paris! Available at Sears


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