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There are a lot of missable trophies though

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 07:56 AM

Thankfully then, we’ve managed to find another 10 easy PS4 platinums for you to pursue that are actually enjoyable to obtain too. You can see our first Top 10 easy PS4 platinums list here .Buy Runescape Gold Without further ado:10. Goosebumps: The GameTo tie in with the Goosebumps movie that s out soon, we ve been treated ? to Goosebumps: The Game , a simple horrorthemed point and click. Everybody loved Goosebumps as a kid, right? So what s not to love?For a trophy hunter, not much. If you follow a guide, you can run through Goosebumps and have that shiny platinum trophy for all to see within about 90 minutes.

There are a lot of missable trophies though, so if you re not using a guide, you may have to play through the game a few times to get all the trophies to pop, but when a speedrun allegedly takes 45 minutes, It's not too much of a hardship. Goosebumps is available digitally via PSN. 9. DriveclubLet down by network issues at it's launch, thersgoldsDriveclub is a fantastic racer that has grown immensely thanks to what is surely the best value season pass ever.Whilst is doesn’t have the quickest platinum – a lot of the trophies require a significant time investment, such as reaching level 50 – it isn’t a particularly taxing one. All the trophies for completing events and championships are separate to it's main trophy list, meaning that to get the elusive platinum trophy, you’re pretty much free to tackle the game in any way you want apart from the odd specific requirement.

Just join a club, get a boosting partner for some challenges and race on or offline to your heart s content, and eventually that plat will more than likely be yours.Buy Driveclub on Amazon Runescape Gold More of the same, but with refreshed content. That’s all anyone that’s played Samurai Warriors 4 will need to know to establish if this is the game is worth picking up or not. It looks the same, sounds the same in fact, bar one or two intricacies with it's new modes and weapon system, it even plays the same.

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