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Posted 24 May 2017 - 07:16 AM

And even some teams do their homework in advance, for example, at the IEM Sydney station, chiefs choose the map nuke upset victory over the North, the frequent use of bombs inside and field feint tactics to play North really miserable. Because from the game demo chiefs know the north defender all the stations, so the props are used quite reasonable, so North had to defensive in the first time to choose the point back to anti-tactics. And after the end of the T side of the advantages of filling, with their own cross fire hit North is surprised a moment surprised a moment.

Chiefs: upset over North, excited tucks
Coincidentally, so strong to eat there are large A team. cs go Verweiscodes Seiten FaZe is also a strong ability to use personal NIKO single eat information, with teammates to fight a wave into the tactics, or use the "700 big spy" frequently ECO comeback, so that the world's first team repeatedly fell somersault.

FaZe beat A team, won the cup SL-i S3
The "French dream team" in the recent state of the hot, "male model" shox for the team command, relying on strong marksmanship free shuttle in the field, for the team to master the information after a storm, until the wear and so on.

DH Turion Open G2 won the championship
Faced with the current fast-paced wave of attack system, cs go Emfehlungscodes Seiten so that many of the so-called CT diagram slowly toward the T map, T side of the winning percentage increased significantly.

The following is a variety of large-scale events in the early T / CT winning percentage contrast, from the contrast can be seen, CT side of the winning percentage was significantly higher than the T side of a large portion, indicating the effective defensive station and tactical props use, So that T-side attack is a headache, which is known to many veteran teams to defensive strength known to the world. There are many professional teams in the first half when the T big score behind the case, the second half turned into a successful example of CT comeback. It is in the fans in the spread of a "4 points Bao Ping, 5 points win win" classic hot language.

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